Powder coat is a ground, plastic resin that is electrostatically sprayed onto metal parts.  Once the parts are coated, they are then oven cured to achieve a high quality, super durable finish. 

Powder coating is a high-quality, economical alternative to liquid painting metal parts.

In the powder coating process, raw metal is washed, coated with electrostatically charged powder particles and then oven-cured at 400 degrees for 15 to 45 minutes. This process gives the metal a high-quality, extremely durable finish which can withstand harsh environmental or chemical conditions.

Powder coating, unlike liquid painting, does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCís), making it a much more environmentally-friendly finish. Powder coating is also an economical, since the process does not require environmental compliance, requires no dry time, and has fewer rejected parts due to the virtual elimination of scratching.  Our coating is also super durable; when powder coat is applied correctly (after proper pretreatment) you can bend the metal in half and the powder coat will not chip! 

Powder coating also offers hundreds of options for colors, textures, glosses and metallic finishes such as neonís, glitters, hammer tones and wrinkles. These options can satisfy any customers need. 

We can powder coat new or used/exiting parts.  With parts that have already been used, we will chemically strip the existing coating, media blast with a fine media, acid wash, bake dry, mask parts per specification (if necessary), apply an epoxy powder coat primer and then topcoat with the color of your choice.  We will also make sure to give you the correct chemistry required for your finish.