At our shop, we have three separate powder coating lines to accommodate our entire customer base.  We have a conveyor line to paint thousand of small parts, and two batch line for all the specialty jobs and also smaller batches of parts. 

Batch Oven: 12.5D x 8w x 6T (can cure parts up to 1000 pounds)

Conveyor: 2W x 3H x 6L (conveyor can yield up to 10,000 parts)

Batch Oven (2): 8D x 5W x 6T  


Pretreatment:  We have an architectural-grade pretreatment process which includes  a five-stage acid phosphate wash that can clean parts up to 5 long.  Longer parts would be cleaned with our three-stage steam cleaning process (comparable to the five-stage).  

We also have a ultrasonic chemical stripping tank; prior to sandblasting, any substrate that has already been coated will be stripped in this manner.  Many brand new parts come with some sort of factory clear coat and sandblasting is much more aggressive.  This process is much less abrasive than traditional sandblasting, but just as effective!  Commercial sandblasting is also available. 

Transportation:  24 Box Truck, Pick Up Truck, 2000# fork truck